Get Paid To Sing – Part Two: Meet other singers & musicians

group of singers performingNetworking is the key to anything worth pursuing. These days, there are many ways to meet people through social media as well as the old fashioned way… face to face. As a singer looking to get paid to sing, it’s important that you are ready when your opportunity arises.

One way to meet other singers & musicians is to join a local community choir or Church choir. This way you can kill two birds with one stone. You can continue to sharpen your singing skills with good pitch, ear training, blending and learn how to sight read music while you network with the other choir members. I’ve been in choirs that other studio singers, composers and even one of Katy Perry‘s manager’s were all a part of. You want networking, you got it! There are usually musicians that join choirs as well, so if you’re looking for a pianist or guitar player, you just might meet them in choir. Choirs typically have a few performances a year that require a few soloists. You want as many opportunities to get on stage as you can and in front of a big audience is even better!

Another way to meet other singers and musicians is to lend your talents at your local Church. You’d be surprised at the level of talent and professionalism that is in most large Churches. While lending my voice to different Churches around LA, some of the Church band members were: Colbie Caillat’s piano player, Kenny Loggins bass player, John Tesh’s solo singer, background vocalist for Glady’s Knight, Alanis Morissette’s guitar player and composers for film/tv/commercials.

Meet singers and musicians at your local coffee shop, bar or restaurant that feature live music. Wait for a break or after the show to compliment the musician and ask if it’d be ok to connect with them on facebook. You can then message them on facebook and create another way for them to remember you. If you have any big accomplishments as a singer, don’t be afraid to mention that in the message. ALWAYS compliment the person you are contacting before you continue writing. While you are at the local venue, you may want to ask the hostess how you can submit your material so that you can play there too. To submit for a gig, you definitely need to have something recorded to send to them.

The internet is another good resource for networking with other singers and musicians. These days, you can pretty much get in touch with anyone! Use linkedin, facebook, myspace and twitter to meet other musicians. Send them a message and always compliment them first, then go into why you are contacting them. Ask them when their next show is and that you’d like to come see them perform.

There you have it, now go get ’em Tiger!

Check back for Part Three: So You Wanna Get Paid To Sing!

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