Get Paid To Sing – Part Three: Study Someone Who IS Getting Paid To Sing

female singer performingIf you wanna get paid to sing, study someone who IS getting paid to sing. Start studying what it is about the artist that gives them such a great fan base. There are many factors to be aware of. Is it their sound, song choice, look, attitude, interaction with fans or are they a great overall entertainer? These are the things you need to study about them.

The Sound: It could be that they have a very unique style in which they sing; maybe they have a raspy strong sound; a warm ethereal sound; they can hit high notes with strength; maybe they sound a little lazy in enunciation or extremely laid back or they have a small thin sound. There are so many ways that a voice can take shape. Start noticing what it is that you like about different artists. This will help you with your own sound.

Song Choice: You ever wonder why there are some artists that you only ever hear one song from and that one song was a major radio hit? This has everything to do with the song itself. A well crafted song is priceless, it can take you straight to the top if you are working with a great producer! If it’s a really great song, it will have a catchy melody or lyric hook or it will be thought provoking or the subject matter will be so universal that it reaches the masses. It is so important to sing really great songs and have a great team of producers and musicians to work with. If you are a songwriter, start collaborating with other writers to sharpen your skills.

The Look: Image is also a very important piece to the puzzle of success. The artists who are doing well have a distinctive look. Think about how the artists you like present themselves. It could be grungy, sexy, over the top, casual/messy, classy, dark. A lot of time and effort goes into their look. You should start thinking about your look and how you want the world to see you as an artist and be consistent with your look.

Attitude: Attitude can be one of those things that people are drawn to in an artist. Most successful artists have a high regard for themselves and their talents. Confidence is a very attractive thing when it’s presented right. For some artists, they can get away with being cocky, for others, they show more of a humble yet confident approach. What’s your approach? Is it working for you? Do you need to try something different?

Interaction With Fans: These days most famous people have twitter accounts because they want the fans to get an inside look at their lives. They want to communicate and relate with the fans. Artists that really appreciate fans are the ones who stay late after their concerts to meet and greet and sign autographs. They give shout outs to the fans when they receive their awards. All of this really means that they recognize the importance of their fan base and that their success RELIES ON THE FANS!

Entertainer: There are some artists around that have the total package. They have the look, the sound, the attitude, the songs and they know how to move on stage and captivate the audience. This is the total package! Movement on stage means that you are comfortable and able to dance or do light choreography. Anyone who wants to have a serious career as a singer should aim to achieve all these aspects.

Check back for Part Four: So You Wanna Get Paid To Sing!

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