The Difference Between Wanting To Be A Singer vs Turning Your Dreams Into Reality!

female singer performingWanting to have a singing career will not get you to your goals. Talking about how much you want to be a singer won’t get you hired. You can wish and pray and that will not achieve your goals either. So what is the secret recipe to becoming a successful singer?? ACTION! To be truly great at anything requires hours and hours of hard work, it requires an investment financially for singing lessons, headshots, websites, demo reels, taking people to coffee/lunches to pick their brains, gym memberships, make up, clothes..

Action Resources:

  1. Financial – I get it, money is tight but what can you let go of in your life to make room for investing in yourself? We are quick to ask others to invest in us when we are not doing that for ourselves. So start making coffee at home instead of those Starbucks runs, pick up delivery orders instead of Postmating, cook more at home to save money and calories, if you have other talents you can barter with then don’t be afraid to ask! If you are still living with your parents, find ways to invest in yourself: start a savings account, use social media to start branding yourself as a singer, don’t post inappropriate things, keep it classy, start a good exercise regime, be a person of your word, start good habits of being early to appointments and be appreciative of others.
  2. Dedication – How much time do you spend working on your voice? Loving to sing daily verses practicing daily is actually very different. Make goals for yourself to practice singing lessons 4-5 times a week by listening back to your lessons and singing along with active listening and learning. This is the best way to practice and the quickest way to see results!!! It amazes me how many clients don’t think they need to practice correctly and they wonder why they aren’t getting the results they’d like. Here’s a tip: If you are seeking instruction or advice from someone, it’s hopefully because you value what they offer, so go all in and LISTEN to what they are saying by taking action with follow through. It is such a nice compliment to know the advice has been executed because the client values what is being spoken into their life. This will solidify a great working relationship with your instructor and will grow your level of trust.
  3. Relationships – Never underestimate who can refer you! It could be your singing teacher, someone at Church who heard you sing, the school janitor… you just never know who has connections and is willing to put you in contact because they believe in you. Which brings me to my next point, how do you get others to believe in you as a person, beyond your talents?  Do you value other people’s time? Do you arrive early to your appointments, are you prepared and ready to work, do you do your homework because you want to learn everything you can learn, do you ask questions and exhaust the resources you already have in your life, are you appreciative, are you respectful, are you doing everything you can do to prove that you are serious about your singing career? Talent alone is not what makes you special, there are many singers in the world with just as much talent as you, if not more. Your drive, determination, WORK ETHIC, being a likable person and someone with follow through, these are the qualities combined with your singing talent that will bring you to the forefront of your dreams. Start believing in yourself by taking action so that others will believe in you and want to help you succeed!

If you are interested in taking singing lessons, piano lessons and or songwriting lessons, I’d love to partner with you. Due to Covid-19, all lessons are being offered online until further notice. I am releasing my BRAND NEW ONLINE COURSE THIS WEEK!!!! It’s called “Sing Your Way Into Harmony” and teaches you how to learn how to sing harmony in a fun and interactive way!

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