Singing Lessons Offered Virtually and In-Person

The sky is the limit when you are working with Angela Michael. As a singing instructor, Angela focuses on proper vocal alignment so that when you are singing there is no strain or pain. If you are looking to increase your vocal range, Angela can help you achieve that with ease! She works with all ages and all skill levels. Looking to record a song? Get produced in the studio virtually or in-person!

Online Singing Lessons Available!

Angela’s Specialties

Vocal Technique: Finesse your overall sound with more control, increasing your range, connecting phrases, executing pitch, breathing, ear training, rhythm and understanding that correct singing does not include strain or pain!

Studio Vocal Production: Take your recording to the next level with vocal production virtually or in-person.

Break Down What Makes A Vocal Great: analyze songs to learn singing styles, emotion & dynamics.

Vocal Arrangement/Harmony: Learn how to arrange/sing background vocals for performances and recordings.

Piano for Songwriting: Accompany yourself on the piano while singing the song you wrote! Learn basic chords and how to write a chord chart.

Performance Prep: Vocal coaching for live stage performance.

Songwriting: Transform journals, poems, thoughts, and feelings into a song. Additionally, Songwriting can be a powerful tool for healing past wounds/trauma.

Musical Genres: All genres with an emphasis on Pop, Rock, Country, Singer/songwriter.

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Online singing lessons available!

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