Angela Michael Music

Songwriting For Healing                                                                                    

Music has the power to touch the soul with such deep emotions that tears fall, chills run up and down the spine, palms sweat and hearts race. When the right pairing of melody, lyrics and music come together, this is when the true beauty of music comes to life. I offer a safe outlet for anyone who is going through a difficult time in life, to express themselves, find their voice and find healing through the process. So much of life is about surviving experiences and being able to share your journey with someone else who is also struggling. A client may walk in my door with a heavy burden but by the time the entire process is over, including recording the final song, they walk out empowered because they have found their voice, their strength, their hope and their smile. They are most often excited to share their song and journey with others!

I work in a few different ways.. If you are someone who journals or writes poetry, we can look through your entries and create a song from that. If you have thoughts and feelings and are not sure how to put them on paper, we'll just talk and I will take notes on the conversation to create the lyric content. Once we have a grasp on the lyrics, we then pair the lyrics with a melody. Once the song is finalized, we record it in my studio.

Is Your Loved One In Need Of Music As Therapy?

Music is one of the last things to go in terms of memory loss. That's how powerful the gift of music is. With memory loss, your loved one may not recall who you are but often times, they will recall a song and even sing along. A song will brighten a day like you wouldn't believe. It brings hope not only to the patient but also to the loved ones who are witnessing it. I am available to come in and sing songs to loved ones and I welcome participation if desired.