voice strainEveryone has a voice break in their vocals where chest voice transfers into head voice. If you understand your voice, then you know that there is an in between called your mix. Often times, trouble areas occur in your voice break. I challenge you to think about what you’re doing just before you reach your trouble areas. Many times, singers tend to over sing sounding too loud in volume, which messes up the balance as you sing higher.

Another pitfall is making the easier notes heavier which then makes it feel like the distance to where you’re headed is even greater. Heavier can mean darker in timbre, a “hooty” sound like an owl or even volume heavy. After you’ve assessed your approach leading up to the high notes, look at the actual scary notes you are attempting to sing and think about how to approach them.

You can do a few things like:

  1. Engage your pelvic muscles to assist with the higher notes, giving you more support and power, not because of volume but because of the control you possess.
  2. I have also found that opening your mouth as you approach the high notes really assists in launching you up and over the notes. Timing matters.
  3. Thinking about singing the notes from the top of the note down also really helps the pitch and placement of notes.

Happy Singing!


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