failure to sucessIt’s very normal for a new client to be nervous on their first voice lesson. It makes sense, you’re coming into an environment that you know nothing about and you didn’t prep for. So how could you possibly do your best? Failing in the safe environment of a vocal lesson can actually strengthen your voice and help you to become a more successful singer.

Safe Environment

It’s my job to provide a safe and encouraging place to sing. I just finished teaching two back to back lessons and the subject of failing came up. Our culture has taught us to hide imperfections, to greet each other with “Hi, how are you?” and respond with “Good, how are you?”, though we may very well not be good at all. We have learned to wear black clothes and stay away from stripes for a more slimming effect, not to swear in front of our parents and so on.

Failing Leads to Growth

I like to encourage singers to not be afraid to fail and to even embrace failing as a tool to help develop their voices. For when we fail, we uncover the parts of the voice that are weak and that could really use some reinforcement from a teacher. Just think how much more growth you could accomplish if you were truly free to fail, to put yourself out there, to crack, wobble and to flub the note so that you could in turn strengthen that part of your voice.

Expect Results

So next time you’re at a singing lesson, get your moneys worth! Make your teacher work hard for that money and expect results in your areas of weakness. Because with a great client/teacher relationship, so many wonderful things are possible with your voice! If you’re looking for vocal training, I can provide you with the right environment and coaching to meet your needs. Contact me here to get started with your vocal lessons today.

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