I’ve always been reluctant to trust anyone with my voice and I was really nervous going into train with Angela. I am currently a gigging singer but I have had trouble breaking through certain barriers I have. I also have a fear of voice coaches changing my way of teaching me things that would interfere with my own style. But I was at a point where I needed to let go and trust someone to help me out… All her great reviews and really checking out her website made me feel I should give her a try. What I’ve found about her (besides being awesome in general) is she is a very experienced singer, she’s knowledgable, has an incredible ear and catches things you normally wouldn’t and really knows how to guide you where you need to go. So far I’m opening up much more, learning to trust my voice and myself … And really discovering new places in my voice. She’s wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone.


Before meeting Angela, I had been singing for about 7-8 years. I had taken many lessons, online courses, workshops and had been a part of various singing groups/choirs/musicals, etc. During the later years of that period, I started to self-study SLS and teach myself because I didn’t have a voice coach. I was actually learning and improving a lot and had moved to LA to pursue music full-time when I slowly realized that I was approaching a plateau in my vocal growth. As time moved on I eventually hit that plateau and I was incredibly discouraged. I began to struggle to try to improve my voice. I had always liked to learn by myself because I was afraid that teachers would change how I sounded, but I knew this would be a problem sooner or later. Reluctantly, I decided it was time to find a teacher. I was referred to Angela by a friend and subsequently started taking lessons. Knowing that I was at a platonic point in my vocal development, I had my doubts as to how much I could really improve. But after the first few lessons, I began to realize that I had many bad vocal habits. Angela helped me realize that I could not only work on my weaknesses, but I could also vastly improve on what I thought were my strengths. After several months of lessons and working to remove those bad habits, I can finally say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel haha. There’s still a lot to work on but I am finally excited again for the new growth that awaits my singing career. Angela is an amazing coach. She is creative, smart, and most importantly patient and encouraging. I know how difficult I can be as a student at times so I really appreciate her efforts to help me improve. She is also an amazing person and friend. I would definitely recommend Angela!


Angela Michael works miracles! Before coming to her, I had never taken vocal lessons, and I was a very reluctant singer to say the least. Because of my lack of experience, my sense of pitch was way off. I could hardly hit the right notes. But after a few lessons and some diligent ear training practice, I could do vocal exercises and sing along to songs with much greater ease. Angela helped me get confidence behind my voice and my abilities, and though I have much more to develop down the road, I’m glad I had her to get the engine running.


Angela is very knowledgeable and supportive. I have been taking voice lessons and we have been working together to turn my poems into lyrics. I am lucky to have found someone so terrific.


Angela is an amazing vocal coach. She knows how to strengthen your voice without straining it. You won’t regret contacting her!


in 3 weeks my 12-year-old daughter is singing so beautifully. we both saw such great improvement. and the best thing? she REALLY looks forward to her singing lessons, and has requested more! Angela is very professional and teaches technique, breathing, etc but makes it so much fun! I totally recommend her for anyone interested in improving their singing.