Before meeting Angela, I had been singing for about 7-8 years. I had taken many lessons, online courses, workshops and had been a part of various singing groups/choirs/musicals, etc. During the later years of that period, I started to self-study SLS and teach myself because I didn’t have a voice coach. I was actually learning and improving a lot and had moved to LA to pursue music full-time when I slowly realized that I was approaching a plateau in my vocal growth. As time moved on I eventually hit that plateau and I was incredibly discouraged. I began to struggle to try to improve my voice. I had always liked to learn by myself because I was afraid that teachers would change how I sounded, but I knew this would be a problem sooner or later. Reluctantly, I decided it was time to find a teacher. I was referred to Angela by a friend and subsequently started taking lessons. Knowing that I was at a platonic point in my vocal development, I had my doubts as to how much I could really improve. But after the first few lessons, I began to realize that I had many bad vocal habits. Angela helped me realize that I could not only work on my weaknesses, but I could also vastly improve on what I thought were my strengths. After several months of lessons and working to remove those bad habits, I can finally say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel haha. There’s still a lot to work on but I am finally excited again for the new growth that awaits my singing career. Angela is an amazing coach. She is creative, smart, and most importantly patient and encouraging. I know how difficult I can be as a student at times so I really appreciate her efforts to help me improve. She is also an amazing person and friend. I would definitely recommend Angela!