Angela Michael Music

Have you ever gotten chills up and down your arms, your heart starts beating faster, tears stream down your face because you have just been touched by the undeniable power of music? A story line so real, it feels as though it was written just for you? All this time, you thought you were the only one who felt this way? Through listening to someone else's story, you find validation in your own grief, you find comfort that you are not alone and hope that you too can survive the storm? This is the true power of what music has to offer! My goal is to help people who are struggling with life events to move through them as we turn pain into strength and hope. We can start with a blank slate or turn poems and journals into songs. It is my goal to walk with you through the storm and come out the other side with something you are proud of and a smile on your face.

Written by Angela Michael — September 12, 2019

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